Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Tools

Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Tools

Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Tools

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"I love working with crystals, so I was very excited to try out the Diamond Painting Tool!"

This fun tool will allow you to add crystals to embellish just about anything you feel needs some sparkle. You just have to try it on different surfaces! Quickly and easily fill in any sized area with this tool to create beautiful designs.

"Before this, I used to pick up each crystal one at a time by hand to place on the glue areas of all my projects which took forever. Now I can pick and place my crystals in seconds!" 



  • Holds up to 70 Stones: Each applicator tool will hold up to 70 crystals and/or rhinestones. That means you'll be able to apply up to 70 of these at once, if needed, without going back and re-filling!

  • Comes With Crystals: With each applicator tool, you'll get 2,000 crystals that you can use to immediately start decorating. These crystals come in a variety of sizes and colors, so mix-and-match to create stunning designs on your items!

  • Works on Nails: Along with a wide variety of objects and surfaces, you'll also be able to use your applicator to add crystals or rhinestones to your fingernails or toenails for a nice touch to your outfit.


  • 1x Embroidery Accessories Diamond Painting Tools 
  • 2,000x Crystals

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